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I am considering selling this domain, if you are interested please contact me by email on piotrgoldstein at gmail dot com or through a webform on my other site.

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About me

I am a social scientist with background in philosophy (like Malinowski), gender and peace studies, specialising in East European (and particularly Western Balkan) civil society and civic activism, understood broadly. You can check more about my academic activities here.

I used to tour guide and interpret a lot, as a means of supporting myself. Now, I do it occasionally but I still appreciate opportunities to meet new people and to introduce them to Lodz, my home town. When I am not around I am passing assignments to my family members who are still in town and who also have extensive experience in guiding tours of Jewish Lodz in English, Polish, German and several other languages.

Every now and then I am organising concerts of my wife, Izabella Goldstein and wine tastings, mostly in Manchester, UK. Would you be interested in attending any of these, do let me know.


My book about the Image of Women in the Philosophy of Plato (in Polish) has been recently published by Jagiellonian University Press. It can be purchased in good bookshops around Poland as well as online.
Wizerunek kobiety w filozofii Platona